50 Excellent Tools, Resources, and Blogs For Gold Bugs

Interest in gold as an investable asset class has been gradually climbing over the last several years, with the increase attributable to a number of different factors. The impressive performance of all types of precious metals during the recent financial crisis and beyond has certainly caught the attention of investors, as those who had the foresight to establish exposure to gold have been handsomely rewarded as the metal has climbed steadily higher. Worries about long-term weakness in the U.S. dollar and upticks in inflation have intensified interest in commodities more generally and gold in particular, as identifying asset classes that exhibit low correlations to stocks and bonds has become both more challenging and more important.

While investing in a gold bar is relatively simple, there is still a great deal of confusion over the many relatively new ways to obtain exposure to the metal, as well as some of the factors that contribute to the risk/return profile. While the potential rewards of investing in gold are tremendous–as evidenced by the huge price run-ups over the last year–the risks are substantial as well. Much of this is due to the challenges with accomplishing exposure to spot prices beyond physical holdings–and misunderstandings over the alternatives, including stocks or ETFs of producing companies and futures contracts. Fortunately, there is no shortage of free resources dedicated to making this asset class easier to understand, analyze, and ultimately buy. Below, we profile 50 gold blogs, Web sites, and tools that are helpful for all walks of commodity investors, from beginners to seasoned pros (sign up for the free Gold ETF newsletter):

Gold News Sites

These sites focus on bringing investors news from a wide variety of sources.

  1. Seeking Alpha provides a list of ‘opinion leaders’ in the commodity space which could provide valuable insight.
  2. MineWeb has news and information about a wide range of commodities from gold and silver to uranium and copper.
  3. The Daily Crux offers at least one article day from around the web on the subject of gold.
  4. 321Gold pulls in stories from around the web on the subject of gold as well as news on other precious metals as well.
  5. Mining Nerds has stories on a variety of topics in the mining sector and it has gold prices in numerous currencies beyond the dollar as well, which is a nice touch.
  6. USA Gold has a wealth of stories about gold markets as well as providing insight into other commodities and currencies as well.
  7. Goldline not only sells gold but provides investors with news stories on the industry and the outlook for the precious metal.
  8. Gold Sheet offers links to quotes about a variety of precious metal related topics including spot prices and miners stock quotes.
  9. TheAUreport has data from a variety of mining firms and industry insiders, giving investors an edge in the gold market.
  10. Gold Industry News has links from a number of sources about every aspect of the gold industry broken down by both topic and country.
  11. TheBullionDesk has a wide range of info on gold in a variety of currencies as well as news on mining firms as well.

Gold Blogs

  1. Gold And Silver Blog Takes an in-depth look at two of the world’s most famous precious metals.
  2. Gold Basics focuses on the precious metals market taking a look at both mining firms and the futures market.
  3. Safe Haven discusses a variety of commodities with a special focus on precious metals.
  4. The Gold Economy highlights news stories that impact gold miners as well as general trends in the industry.
  5. Gold Alert provides an in-depth discussion of gold mining companies and investment opportunities in the sector.
  6. Got Gold Report analyzes gold stocks and gold futures on a variety of technical metrics as well as some fundamentals as well.
  7. Gold Stock Bull is written by Jason Hamlin, an avid gold trader who focuses on technical analysis.
  8. CMI Gold Silver has a great blog which analyzes the gold market with a focus on government actions and their impact on the metal.
  9. GoldCore also sells a variety of precious metal products as well as an up-to-date blog detailing gold’s performance and movements.
  10. BuyGoldCo has a blog on gold’s movements and a forum as well.
  11. American Gold Exchange has daily updates on the price of gold, commentary on the movement of the precious metal, and charts as well.

Gold Industry Sites

These sites give investors access to some of the largest gold producing companies in the world.

  1. Barrick Gold is currently the world’s largest producer of gold in the world, developing 7.7 million ounces a year of the metal.
  2. GoldCorp is a major gold miner based out of Vancouver. It has its operations concentrated in the America with a heavy focus on Canada and Mexico.
  3. Newmont Mining is the largest gold miner based in the U.S. although it does have operations around the world as well.
  4. Newcrest Mining is the largest miner of gold that is based out of Australia, and it is rapidly expanding into Indonesia and other Pacific islands as well.
  5. AngloGold Ashanti is the largest producer of gold out of South Africa, accounting for roughly 7% of total global output.
  6. Gold.org provides investors access to information straight from the World Gold Council, an organization that represents some of the world’s largest mining firms.
  7. Minerals.usgs.gov isn’t an industry site per se, but it does offer in depth information regarding the mining and recycling of gold over the years with breakdowns by country and company.
  8. GoldMining.org has information on how much gold has been dug up, how much is left, as well as the major players in the space.


The following sites all have great tools that every gold investor should bookmark ASAP.

  1. AssetCorrelation is a go-to place for investors looking to see how in-step their investments are likely to move to gold.
  2. HardAssetInvestor has a wealth of charts on a wide range of commodities including gold.
  3. ETF Database has an excellent screener that investors can use to pinpoint their commodity exposure in exchange-traded product form, helping investors to find the right gold ETF for their portfolio.
  4. Finviz has some very interesting ‘heatmap’ data on gold and a wide range of other commodities as well.
  5. Kitco lets investors see a live 24 hour chart for gold giving investors the opportunity to see how gold is trading around the clock.
  6. 24hGold has a number of interesting tools including one that gives investors stock performance of various companies in the gold mining, exploring, and production sectors.
  7. Gold Price shows investors how gold has performed in a number of currencies over the long haul. They also provide a calculator and apps to help investors stay-up-to-date on the world of gold.
  8. Geology.com gives investors an in-depth discussion of all the ways that gold is used; some may surprise you!
  9. GoldBarsWorldwide has a wealth of information on gold coins and bullion; it even shows you how to convert between the different sizes and what the different weights and purities are for certain types of bars.
  10. Coinflation gives investors the ability to see how much gold is in their circulating coins, such as Liberty Gold Dollars and Indian Quarter Eagles.

For Traders

  1. Traders Log focuses on widely-traded commodities, giving investors a variety of charting options for a number of products.
  2. Morningstar has a great list of data regarding a wide range of commodities including futures contract volume and open interest figures.
  3. Bloomberg has all the important commodities and their spot prices on one page and even has information regarding major commodity indexes as well, allowing investors to compare gold to other commodities.
  4. Commodity Trader provides helpful information on the futures market, adding analysis that can help technical traders sift through the news.
  5. Futures Mag is a site that is built for traders; giving them charts, analysis and technical metrics that can be extremely useful to those playing the liquid gold market via futures.
  6. Inside Futures includes articles and posts on commodities and futures trading.
  7. Daily Futures has information about data releases as well as stats on a wide variety of commodities.
  8. CommodityHQ offers investors in-depth information on a variety of commodities, including gold.
  9. CME Group has live feeds of gold futures which trade on the COMEX.
  10. TSXGold is focused on gold and precious metals in the Toronto Stock exchange. A great resource for those focused on the Canadian market.

Found a good resource that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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